The Nauti Fleet

The Nautical Fleet or Nauti Fleet as we call ourselves is a social fleet.  Our main motto is to have fun and then add to it by having more fun!  We even have our own fleet song written by one of the founding members back in 1998.  The dues of the Nauti Fleet are $50 per person per year which helps subsidize each event and provide for a philanthropic gift to the club most every year.

The Nauti Fleet typically hosts the yearly Cinco de Mayo dinner for the club as well as the Luau.  Additionally, the fleet has Member Only events that include a wine tasting, dock parties and special events — in 2016 we will go to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach and have a Great American Race scavenger hunt on Westlake Lake.  We round out the year with a Winter Party in January which is held after the holidays as the start of another great year at WYC and thank you to fleet members for being a part of this great group during the past year.  Details of our events are sent out via email and a recap of our great times is captured in the monthly Telltales magazine.

Membership in this fleet is a great way to be involved in the club and make friends.  For more information review the Fleet Charter.   For membership in the Nautical Fleet, please contact the Nautical Fleet Captain, Sheila Thatcher at 818-825-4113 or via our Contact Form.

Come join the Nauti Fleet!